Single Speed National Champs, May 5-7 2017

What’s been happening!

Buller and Beechworth! Absolute heaven! Perfect weather, the sun was shining – 2 days after we had a hail storm in Melbourne?! That’s VIC for you! Rich had his Liteville and Cube Roadie and he hooked up with his mates from Melrose there for abit of riding and some more riding!

Back in Melrose now, we got alot of inspiration and ideas for our shop, so we will be in there most days transforming it, if you don’t see rich in there he has gone for a ride or out trail building. Give him a call especially if you want to go out for a ride!

Come March we will be off again to Buller for the festival, then onto Canberra for the Mont 24 and Capital Punishment however we will have a new shop manager from mid March to help you out!

If we don’t see you there catch up with us in Melrose for the Fat Tyre in June or the 18 Hours of Melrose in September. We are lining up plenty of sponsors/big names and lots of fun stuff so stay tuned.

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