Sustainable MTB trails in Melrose

Here at Over the Edge – “We love stunning red gums, rolling hills, and flowing singletrack. We are passionate about sustainable trails a green earth and all things that bring us closer to nature. We support the busy feet of happy sheep, our big hearted land owners and small communities”

Below is a summary from IMBA au who we are working in conjunction with to deliver awesome sustainable trails in Melrose.

1) Southern Flinders Ranges, IMBA Au and Over the Edge Melrose have been working together over the last 18 months to train local trail builders in the art of sustainable trail design and construction. The fruits of these efforst are taking effect now which signifcant investment of time from devoted locals and visitors to upgrade existing trail assets and maximise user experiences.

2) IMBA Au has also conducted a “Trails Audit” for the Office for Rec and Sport to help guide future upgrades and priority works to ensure sustainability and safety.

3) There have been some challenges along the way but we at IMBA Au believe this grass roots approach to MTB mamagement is the most appropriate model for Australian communities and we hope to replicate this great partnership in towns and regions across the nation.

4) As part of IMBA Au support to the Melrose trails, we have been sponsors of the last two Fat Tyre Festivals whereby we seek to provide info about great trails and support our partners in their endeavours. Moreover, we are excited to be involved in the up coming 2012 Festival where IMBA Au will be providing a free trail workshop for local riders and visitors to get hands on experience in the art of dirt sculpture.

Nick Bowman


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