“Buy & Ride Your Dream Bike” Tours to the USA

Edge “Buy & Ride Your Dream Bike” Tours to the USA

Take advantage of the strong Ozzie Dollar and pick up a great deal on an amazing bike in Fruita Colorado, Hurricane Utah or Sedona, Arizona.

Over the Edge has grown because our people, like us, love to travel and ride bikes. The combination of the two is our favourite thing to do and what we want to share with you. So, contact us and find out how you can get yourself one of our cool partner bikes at US$ pricing which will probably mean your airline ticket will cost you NOTHING!! and you get to ride your amazing new bike on some amazing trails with some amazing people..

No Baby Sitters

Edge Travel’s concept is a tour that is not a “tour.” This is because we won’t do “tours” because we don’t need a babysittert and we can fix our own punctures and would rather stop for lunch at that cool cafe than have a guide make us a sandwich. The goal of Edge Travel is to — just the same as the Over the Edge stores — help you go to amazing new places

Tours include:

  • How to get there and back – flight plan and car options.
  • An amazing bike available from one of our great stores in Fruita, Hurricane, and Sedona coming soon!
  • Professional charismatic local guide (not a babysitter)
  • Awesome trails – guaranteed!
  • Serious local knowledge right down to the best trails, the best restaurants, and the best wines in the best restaurants.

Any Destination

This goes beyond just buying an amazing bike in Fruita and riding “The Ribbon”. There is amazing world class riding out there and we want to share it. Watch for more from Edge Travel or just contact us for a custom adventure.

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