Eurovision @ Barts!

13th Aug

Bartagunyah near Melrose SA, is seeing some major trail construction with 2 excavators, 1 John deere Gator and the IMBA supplied trail dozer. Not to mention a few volunteers.

The trail is between 5-6km long nad is a gravity oriented black diamond trail with multiple lines depending on how brave you are on the day.

The dozer has now cut in over half the trail with a good third groomed and ready to ride, once the rain has settled the dust.

Phase 1 of the trail is planned to be finished by the end of August. The completion of the remaining trail is planned for mid next year.

A big thanks to IMBA Australia, Tony Boone from IMBA USA, Angus Sobels and our local volunteers!


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5 MARCH – Trail building day with IMBA – AU

23rd Feb

Come and join us for a day of trail building with Nick Bowman from IMBA – AU.

Time TBA but will most likely be an all day event – so come along even if you only have a couple of hours spare!

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Bartagunyah Trail Plans

28th Nov

Trail fairies have been hard at work out at Bartagunyah, just near Melrose; this last week as we start on some well needed single track maintenance on the Whiskey Trail. This is one of the best trails on Bartagunyah right now and is a 2-3 hour loop of over 20km. Clearer signage, major improvements and cleaner lines will hopefully see a lot more mountain bike traffic on this black diamond trail.

The other goal for Bartagunyah is to have the Super D completed before Fat Tyre Festival 2012. This has started but not too much has been dug just yet and we are still scouting the lines but a general idea has been discussed. Starting at Scared Rabbit lookout and finishing at Bartagunyah homestead we hope to have close to 5km of trail with other tributary trail options coming off it in the future.

Bartagunyah has been a thoroughly underutilised resource due to its poor signage, lack of rider use and lack of maintenance in the past. The goal over the next 12 months is to change that and make it a must do when you visit Melrose, by improving signage and maps, clarifying the trails and including the stuff that people want to ride, making it visually stunning as well as technically stunning!

So our little bridge (6 metres long) you see is the start of lots more work to go into this area. If you’re keen, join us, we will be having regular digs on Wednesday afternoons and once a month on a Sunday. If you’ve never done trail work before it can be one of the most rewarding jobs you can do, putting back in to the very thing you love, flowing single track!

Big thanks to those folk who have already helped out. You know who you are.

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Pump Track is Pumping!

23rd Nov

A gregarious party was had by all when we trudged down to the pump track to celebrate Naomi’s birthday – and of course we can’t just sit around and talk about the weather, ( all though it is a hot topic here! ) No, there needed to be  1 – competition, 2- bikes, 3- soap suds and 4 – Hugh’s ingenious invention, “the homemade bike spit”  5 – Stop watch. Hugh and Darren prepared dinner – goat on the spit! Scrumptious! And the kids – “small and big” had a go on the very slippery slide! Thanks guys for a lovely night!

Melrose Pump Track


Hugh's Bike spit - you need to peddle if you want dinner! Beer in hand, it doesn't look to hard - however 5 hours later goat was served and cooked to perfection!


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Mini D at Melrose

14th Jul


Macca Carving it up at the bottom of throwing copper

So you think you’re fast! Well come and check out the self timed mini D run at the Melrose trails.

There are 2 options: 1, Start at the top of “Helrose” beside the tree, don’t include “out the back” but continue on down to “a bit sheepish” turn right on to “greener pastures” and don’t stop the clock until you hit “Farmers freewheelin track” fastest time 4:10 by our own Jakos

Option 2, Start at the saddle of “Blazing saddles”, start the watch as you roll past the sign and speed on to Bald Hill lookout, head back towards “throwing copper” and don’t push stop until you roll past the bottom sign. fastest time 4:26 by guess who….Jakos.

Drop into the shop for more details or to post a time. The winners board is out the back of the work shop. We even have a watch you can borrow to record your time!

Come ride with us.

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Cornering with style

21st Jun

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Dodging Bullets

6th Jun

Rich riding through the historic ruin – one of our favourite trails – Dodging Bullets.
What is yours?!

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