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Our Special Guest is…..

Jasper Jauche was recently awarded German mountainbiker of year 2011, at this years Fat Tyre Festival he will run skills clinics for the kids on the pump track and will be hosting local rides giving you the opportunity to ride with Europe’s best! About Jasper 21 year old Jasper is not only racing world cup DH races in 2012 and is an amazing all-round mountainbike talent, he has also been awarded the German mountianbiker of the year 2011! Enough said? So, who is Jasper? Jasper completed his matriculation in the summer of 2012. Since 2007 he has been racing DH and riding a vast discipline of mountainbikes and has loved every moment since he started with it. It has come to the point where Jasper is switching from being a hobby rider to being mounatinbiker – earning hib bread and butter with it. He has set himself a very short time of one year to becoming a pro mountianbiker as he would have otherwise started university studies. If Jasper finds that mountainbiking on its own does not bring the daily bread and butter, Jasper wants to work in the sports industry. At the moment Jasper is making a living by leading mountainbike skills klasses and guided tours, some price money from races and sometimes some paid photoshoots and video sessions aloso bring in some dollars. What does Jasper like about the sport? “The speed is what I love most about the sport. On a fast run the eye scans the terrain for every root, every rock. The corners invite for drifts and the dirt flies through the air. The body is at its full potential and combined with the bike becomes a powerful machine. The nature and being outside in the fresh air makes the sport itself even more sympathetic, an the inner strength needed to train even in bad weather and snow improve self discipline. But especially the balance of a perfect 3 minute DH run in which nothing else matters, and no thoughts wander off provides pure contentment. Even if many wouldn’t believe it, even in a race run I can see myself grinning, provided the phisical state allows it.” Jasper about his bike: “Since 2010 I have been riding for Liteville / Syntace. The 901 is my faithful companion in all things freeride and DH. The 200mm travel and the low weight make the bike unbelievably versatile and fast. In combination with the trustworthy Syntace components the bike a pure weapon.” Meanwhile Jasper has th ewhole stable of Liteville bikes with a 301 for all round trail riding, a 601 for freeride and a 101 for dirt and street, while his 901 remains his faithful DH bike. So how did it all begin? “I began mountainbiking in 2005, when my best friend Oscar, bought a jump bike. At the time I only had a “Wheel-Works” a Euro100 K-Mart bike which didn’t last very long. So my birthday wish was a new bike. I got a new bike that also came from a discount shop.  I still loved this bike, and distroyed it. I was so sad when it was stolen while parked in fornt of a hardware store. But my father realised early that the bike riding meant alot to me and although we couldn’t really afford it, my father bought the same bike for me again. One day Oscar’s father, Oscar and myself were out riding. We rode our self made “DH” trail and on the last jump, a 25cm long jump, the headset burt into 1000 bits. I tried to hide this from the others but it came out when I rode free handedly and landed in a wooden fence. Oscar’s father saw some sort of talent in me and took me to Winterberg where he taught me downhill riding. Oscar’s father offered me a deal where I would get a new fork and headset in return for some gardening – I agreed to the deal. In addition to the fork and headset I also got a CMP firestorm and a CMP BB and cranks and altogether had to work off Euro 260.- and it all went from there. Again and again I needed new parts and worked to pay them off. I was sitting in the train when I read an article bout the planned dirt masters festival. I talked to Oscar and when the day came, Oscar’s father invited me to come to Winterberg – to race. I was so happy. I was going to compete against 8 other riders in the catergory “Hardtail under 19″. I was very nervous. In the final run I crashed and I knew I couldn’t win anymore. The spectators fired me on and I got back on the bike and finished the run and still won, though only just. After this fantastic weekend, Oscar’s father offered me his Fusion Whiplash for a very good price. I didn’t have to think long and agreed. That bike was the best! But I had some bad luck and the frame and some othert parts were distroyed before I was able to completely pay it off. But Oscar’s father also didn’t leave me standing in this situation and talked to Juergen from Alu-Tech if he didn’t want to sponsor a jung talent. The problem was, that I only had one race result with not exactly the best time. But luckily we had made a video to show and I was able to convince Juergen to look after me. That was the beginning for me as a supported DH rider.” Since early 2010 Jasper has been riding and racing for Liteville / Syntace. He is now part of the Liteville / Syntace team and is regularly on tour with the team on festivals and races as well as being a skills coach and tour guide. Although it is what he loves, Jasper is not only a DH racer. He is an all round mountainbiking talent. It is best to watch his videos on his website, especially “Dario-Jasper Jauch der edit” shows his all- round talent very well. He was chosen as German Young Talent 2011 by riders. This shows how much his all-round riding talent is looked up to by mountianbikers throughout Germany. Jasper’s best race results include: 2011 IXS German DH cup, series, elite men, 6th 2011 IXS German DH cup Thale, elite men, 3rd 2011 DH Worldcup La Bresse, elite men, 71th 2011 German DH champs, elite, 5th 2011 Megavalanche Alpe D’huez, hobby class, 2nd 2010 IXS German DH cup, series, elite, 10th 2009 IXS German DH cup series, U19, 3rd (best german rider) 2012 Sponsors: Liteville Syntace Magura Uvex Maloja Flatout Suspension Evoc Five Ten e-thirteen Schwalbe Fluid 24 Connect TV