Kevin – our hero!

18th Sep

Done & Dusted!!

What a whirlwind weekend that somehow managed to fly by….

The Melrose 18hr event, as was last year, is a pleasure to be involved in.

Great place, great people, great atmosphere, and unbelievably great single track to ride J

To top it all off I managed to come away with the win!! Wooooooo hoooooo

22 laps (205kms, with 5250M of climbing)

Some parts are a little blurry, but the race went along something like this….

Around 11pm all riders gather for a pre-race brief on what to expect

As always, a start line at a Melrose race is never the norm….

This year was to be no different, as all bikes where laid out across the road we were handed an egg & spoon. Ekkkk

As Mid-night approach a big arse tractor was fired up and one of the OTE guys, Al, was lifted up in the bucket, rifle at the ready haha

The tick of midnight was soon bellowed out by the crack of the rifle & we were away!

A 50 meter shuffle while shivering & not trying to drop the egg began to fits of laugher from the crowd

After that it was back in to the routine of riding, ahhh much more comfortable!

Like most endurance events, a good start is key & managed to jump up near the front with a few of the team riders

Any one that has ridden in Melrose know it has some of the most fun & flowing single track this state has to offer

The course that we rode was one that would not disappoint

First half flowed through creek beds, we then had a nice long climb up a fire road before climbing again to the highest point of the track

Second half to the track was along one of my favourite trails Melrose has, Dodging Bullets

This track makes you work on the climbs but you are rewarded for every climb with a grin winning decent that makes the hurt disappear in an instance

But ride this loop enough times and it beats the body up pretty bad!!

I managed to ride thought the night quite comfortably, to the welcoming news that most other competitors had taken the refuse of sleep before dawn

So I was able to enjoy a bacon sambo for breaky with the comfort of knowing I had worked up a 5 lap lead by 7am

I have to make mention of the unbelievable importance of my support crew that kept me & my bike running so well over the entire event (plus who doesn’t love bacon sambos cooked for them in the morning huh!!)

I took another stop around 10am to change clothes, and this is where everything began to hurt for me

Basically 10am-2pm is missing from my memory, things have never hurt so bad nor have I felt so emotionally drained

My legs funnily enough never really felt too bad, its more once your heads not right, simple things are a little hard to comprehend

My Saviour!!!! At midday another quirk that is Melrose racing began, the Beer short cut, god bless you!!

On the back side of the course was the Cooper & TORQ shortcut (had to eat a TORQ energy bar & knock back a beer)

The added bonus of this was you managed to miss the 2 leg sapping climbs that were demoralising after 14hrs on the bike (so I held out on the short cut till 2pm)

Each racer was allowed to have 2 short cuts, I can safely say that a beer has never tasted soooooooo good (only went the light as I could see myself getting loose otherwise haha)

Might point out now that for me, time wise, this was not shorter, haha, I took my time and toughly enjoyed the company of the wonderful friendly volunteers running the tent knowing I was missing the 2 climbs J

At 3pm I had realised I had enough of a lead to not be beaten and started to enjoy being out there again, somewhat…..

Last year I managed to win with 20 laps, so with the help of 2 6hr racers who rode the last 2 laps with me we decided to beat last years effort

Massive thankyou to Jason & Aurelia for pushing me to the end!! They were donating $$ per lap as well so another big thanks

I crossed the finish line at 5.20pm feeling an over whelming rush of emotion, I was truly glad I was done!

I had won by 6 laps in the end

I have to once again thank Nic, Mic & Gemma from Upfront Bikes, being support crew for riders is a thankless task which is no easy feat & I can’t extend my gratitude enough

To Dave & Billy as well for bringing their A game drinking on Friday night to make the entertainment value rise (must add that Billy took out the 6hr race Sat with a nice hangover!!)

Over the Edge & Southern Flinders Rough riders groups for putting on a fantastic event

To my awesome Wife & 3 beautiful boys for putting up with the stupidity that I put my body through & the hours of training they let me get out for

But most of all, to each & everyone that donated to the cause that was the main reason I returned early to racing

It has be an extremely humbling experience again to see how much people have jumped on board & supported this wonderful foundation

So from the bottom of my heart, thankyou all!

The webpage is still open if you would like to still donate

I hope to have some picture in the new week to send out for you all



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NEW DATE for 18 hours of Melrose event – 14-15 SEP 2012 – put this in your diary!

4th Nov

It’s on again!

We would like to introduce a new catergory to our 18 hour event, this has been put on due to feedback from the survey we put out to all of you.  There are riders out there that are just getting into the sport and would like to see a 6 hr catergory – this is also designed for less experienced riders who will not need to ride at night as this will finish at 6pm Saturday.


We have kept the Friday night midnight start to allow plenty of time to get home on the Sunday – and by us getting the date out there now will give you plenty of time to ask for the Friday off to come up here! Finishing at 6pm Saturday allows you to be social – chat about the race over a beer and then be back on the trails that you love on Sunday before you depart!

The course last year worked really well ( after some tweaking ) so expect a nice flowy fun trail with a few technical bits that Melrose is known for – approx 10km loops! Nothing to hard – as long as you have riden some singletrack- it should be achievable by almost all fairly competent mountain bike riders with a reasonable level of fitness. It is not designed for the complete novice or inexperienced mountain bike rider. Each lap of the course will take an average of 45 mins – 1 hour.

We are out there promoting this event at all the big events like Mont 24 /Capital Punishment in Canberra / Mt Buller Festival in VIC / Highland Fling in NSW so feel free to chat to Rich about it – he will be at the Squirt Lube Station or on the trails!

Registrations will open 1 August 2012 – costs and more information out soon, any questions contact











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18 hours of Melrose Bike Event – SURVEY

12th Sep


Thank you to all of you who took the time to fill out the “18 hours of Melrose” Survey – we have received some great feedback and now all we have to do is put on an awesome event for you!

Brett Mahoney was the winner, he was the 18th person who filled in the survey!

We all look forward to seeing you in Melrose, practicing your moves on the single track so you are well prepared for the next “18 hours of Melrose!”

I am conducting a survey for the 2012 – “18 hours of Melrose” mountain bike event and would really appreciate your feedback – It has 10 quick questions, will only take a couple of minutes but it will help us immensely to find out what riders out there really want!

You will go in a draw to win one free entry to the event, 1 pair of Ergon’s new HE2 gloves and a 120 ml Bottle of Squirt Lube – this prize is valued up to  $170!

Simply click on the link below fill out the survey, Question 10 asks you to leave your e-mail address -this is so we can contact you if you are the lucky winner.

Survey will close Monday 19 September 5pm – feel free to send this on to any of your mountain bike buddies!

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21st Jun

We are planning our 18 hours of Melrose event and need a new date!

From various feedback the event was too close to the Fat Tyre Festival and riders were unable to get 2 weekends of in a row and therefore had to decide between the 2 events.  We were hoping to attract more interstate riders thus giving them an opportunity to travel to SA and experience the Flinders for a longer period of time and combine the 2 events.

Changing the date to a warmer month may entice riders.

We would like to open this event to more of a wider demographic by introducing an 8 hour option as well as encouraging teenagers to participate in an under 16 – 3 hour option – all riders finishing at 6pm. This way riders will not be required to ride at night which may have discouraged riders. 18 hour riders will still start at midnight on Friday

Leave your thoughts and feedback.

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Enduro Pulse – Craig Bayliss loved our Singletrack at the recent 18 hours of Melrose

7th Jun

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18 hours of Melrose – Results

6th Jun


Our inaugural 18 hours of Melrose is done and dusted – with over 30 riders competing, the vibe was intimate but very cruisy.  Supporters and riders hang out watching MTB DVD’s and drinking coffee keeping warm inside Over the Edge.

The rain made sections of the course muddy and unrideable so with in the first lap the course was changed from a 13km loop to 9km with riders completing a loop in 30 mins.  Saturday the sun was out and riders were loving the course – it became tacky, flowing and fast.

Saturday night the North Star was pumping with a blues band in full swing!

We would like to thank all of our sponsors especially our Gold Sponsor – Southern Flinders Regional Tourism Authority. The volunteers who helped with last minute jobs and the riders who made the effort to come up here.

Next year it will be on again – talk of a change of date also adding in more catergories – possible 8 hour for those who don’t want to ride at night and a short 3 hour for kids.

Keep checking our website for more information.


Solo Male – KEVIN PULLEN  won a Contour HD camera and completed 20 laps!

DUO MALE – TEAM CYCLEWORXS – Dereck Raglis / Stephen Dearing – completed 22 laps

MALE – TEAM OF 4 – TEAM ENDURO PULSE – Craig Bayliss / Michael Fitch / Richard Bruce / Alastair Smart – completed 29 laps

MIXED – TEAM OF 4 – CRANK ADDICTS – Mark Du Bois / Sorcha Flett / Morven Flett / John Hallet

WOMENS – TEAM OF 4 – Jo Mawby / Ava Ritter / Monica / Pip Mawby

FASTEST LAP MALE - Dereck Raglis – completed the day lap in 25.26 mins

FASTEST LAP FEMALE – Sorcha Flett – completed the day lap in 34.45 mins

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18 hours of Melrose – this weekend!

1st Jun

18 hours of melrose mountain bike race

TO BOOK - Click here

The concept: Race starts promptly at 12 midnight, Friday and finishes Saturday evening, 6 pm and then it is time to relax and enjoy the party!!!!

The track – Starts in the main street of Melrose outside the pubs and the rest is a secret for now.. takes in some delicious singletrack though.. and allows some passing as well before you roll back past the cheering crowds outside the pubs.

Bikes – All bike types welcome – Fixies, 29ers, Cyclocross, Unicycles, Steel, Carbon, Bamboo, Alloy, even tandems if you are hard enough or you just like getting up close and personal with your partner of choice or a bit of both.

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