Sparky’s Review on the Rocky Mountain Vertex 29er

4th Apr

It was early January some time when Rich first asked if I would be interested in representing Over the Edge Bike Shop in the upcoming XC mountain bike season.  We were out at bartugunyah trail building one morning (we had started at 5.30am to try to beat the 40C⁰+ heat!) when Rich stopped swinging his pick, sat down and said he had a proposition for me. As the sweat dripped off both of us, I was hoping he’d say “hey, I think we should go back to the shop, turn the air conditioner on and smash a cold can of Coke!”  But his news was just as good!

I was looking forward to getting amongst the action in this year’s XC season, so when Rich announced over the edge were keen to support me it was perfect!

There was some discussion on which bike would be my weapon of choice. I had had my eye on a Rocky Mountain Vertex 29er for a while and was keen to give the whole 29er thing ago after all the favourable   press. Everyone was keen to get the ball rolling (or bike in this case!) so an 18’’ Rocky Mountain Vertex RSL  970 was ordered and the anxious wait for it to arrive begun.

I was working in Melrose mid week when I received the txt “ITS IN J”.  A one hour lunch break later and it was built! ‘Wow, that is a sweet looking bike’ I thought. I’ve found a lot of 29ers look slightly out of proportion or just a little odd, but the Vertex just looked right. I had to drag myself back to the rest of my days work with the vision of the rocky infused in my mind. I was chomping at the bit to get the Vertex out on the twisting, flowing Melrose single track.

The first ride! From the moment I rode out the shop and down the street it just felt right. I wasn’t feeling any of the quirks often associated with 29ers but I thought this might well change once I turned onto the trail head. After an hour or so of fangin around the trails I was conjuring up plans to sell my much loved 26’’ XC dually as I couldn’t see any need for it anymore. This bike is awesome! It flies up the hills and descends like a demon! The carbon frame, skinny 27.2 seat post, thin seat stays and 29’’ wheels all add up to an amazingly compliant ride. I am stoked, this is the perfect bike for the season ahead.

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