Ergonomic Bar end grip



You save $35.00 (50%)!

Multi-position grips with integrated cold forged alu barends, which have a dual
function acting as the clamps for the grip. The shape of the grip is identical
to the GP1. The GC2  features a longer, ergonomically optimized barend, which is adjustable in terms of its  angle on the bar. Its size and shape are ideal for small to middle sized hands (Size S: 6.5 – 8.5) as well as for middle to larger sized hands (Size L: 8.5 -
10.5). The barend and the support platform on the grip can be independently
adjusted for the correct angle to allow optimised fit for individual saddle
position and riding style. This is a really nice allrounder, subtle and discrete.

283.5g mountain bike, touring, leisure, commute
Bar end:
Forged Aluminium

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