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We don’t hire out old bangers!

Our hire bikes are new every season with the latest technologies. We sell these bikes after 50 days or less of rental with the purchase price depreciating after each rental. Call us for current pricing on our ex Demo bikes!

If you’re interested in an ex-demo bike, we can set one up for a test ride now, and the rental comes off the final price. 

Over the Edge can also cater to school groups, a bunch of mates coming up for the weekend or even a sports team wanting to include bike riding as part of their exercise regime! Learn more about our Group Bike Hire.

For peace of mind Over the Edge recommends the purchase of the Rental Damage Protection with each bike hire.

Interested in hiring a bike? We're working on our online booking form so for now contact us!

Deluxe Rentals - $100 per day


Ibis Mojo HDR 650b

CX Hakkalugi

Ibis CX Hakkalugi


Liteville 301 650b


Yeti SB75 650b

Knolly Warden 650b Rent it at Over the Edge Melrose

Knolly Warden 650b

Dual Suspension Rentals - $65 per day


Trek Fuel Ex 6 29er


Trek Remedy 8 650b


BH Lynx 4.8

Hardtail Rentals - $40 per day


BH Expert 650b


Cube AIM SL 29er

Kids Rentals - $30 per day


CUBE 240


Trek Superfly 20


$5 per day

Rental Damage Protection

$5 per day


$25 per day

Wee Rider

$30 per day

Contour Camera

$15 per day

MTB Night Lights

$7 per day

Puncture Repair Kit

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