Event Sponsors – 18 Hrs

Thank you to all of our sponsors – more on the way!





Enduro Pulse





Heading into the Flinders Ranges? Come to Bendleby Ranges - the accessible Flinders!

  • 4 Wheel driving

  • Bush camping

  • Bush walking/hiking

Located in the Southern Flinders Ranges catering for small & large groups of Campers, Bush Walkers/Hikers, Photographers, Flora & Fauna Groups, Orienteering Clubs, 4WD Clubs, School Camps, Mountain Bike Riders and Families (kids are welcome). A great place to show your children a real piece of Australia easily accessible from Adelaide, a great family holiday that is more than just lots of fun!

Bendelby Ranges - http://www.bendlebyranges.com.au/


TORQ are the nutrition sponsor of 18 hrs of Melrose this year and we are stoked to have them on board, because we think their product is the best in the market. Please go to their website http://www.torqaustralia.com.au/ to learn more about the products they offer and the training services they provide, if you email dean he will also send you a e-copy of their 46 page resource manual that covers everything you need to know about training, racing & fuelling strategies. dean@torqaustralia.com.au

TORQ will  also offering a Race Nutrition pack at a great price (through the over the edge shop).




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