Next MTB Event: 6/18 Hours of Melrose, Sept 5-6

Sparky gets 2nd!!

Race #1 xco series. July 22nd, Eagle Park.
2nd, woo hoo!
My serious  training for the first race of the XCO Winter races begun by competing in the Kona Dirty weekend at Fox Creek on the 5 & 6 of May, finishing in a close 2nd place, but I never got round to blogging about it (sorry Rich!). Since then I have been training hard and coming into the first race of the series I felt strong and confident. My daily commute to work with a few detours up and into alligator gorge keep my legs fresh for getting out on my mountain bike  on the weekends (it isn’t too hard to keep motivated when you have sweet Melrose single track at your door step!). After a good couple of months  of training I was definitely chomping at the bit to test out my legs.
A reconnaissance ride on Saturday with my good friend and serious competitor Ro uncovered a great loop with a good bit of climbing and technical single track put together by the club,  which suited me just fine!
The race got off to a pretty fast start, climbing up and over the 4x track then continuing up to the start of Tunnel Vision. The climb was a good way to get everyone sorted out and I entered Tunnel Vision in about 6th place. I was keen to get further up in case someone tried to drive off the front, hemming me in, while trying to cover any attacks and stay with the leaders as long as possible.
I came through for the second lap in fourth place and before I knew it there was just myself and one other rider, who turned out to be a fella by the name of Travis. (we had a bit of a chat along the way!). We took it turns at the front and drove on quite hard leaving any signs of others far behind.
I was feeling strong till about the 5th lap where Travis got a gap on me that increased throughout the lap. I came home strong in the final lap and thought I might see Trav again but he was too strong (this time!) and he finished in first place. This left me to come-in in second place, which I was stoked with, made even better after I saw my mate Ro coming through in 3rd  place. With the next race in four weeks I’ll be training hard in hope of moving up to that top step!